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Surveys on Asbestos. A Guide to All You Need To Know

Many buildings contain asbestos-containing substances, also known collectively as ACM. A survey should take place if you think you might have ACM within your industrial premises. This is especially helpful if you are looking to repair or replace industrial roofing. Visit http://www.asbestattest-aanvragen.net before reading this.

Why get a survey?

An asbestos survey will tell you if there is asbestos and if it is how much and where. It will also tell you about the asbestos’s health and if it poses a danger.

If asbestos is suspected to be present on a commercial roof, you should hire an asbestos roofing contractor. But, you won’t know if asbestos has been found until you conduct a survey.

There are two types main asbestos surveys: refurbishment and management surveys. The first is best for buildings that are currently being used and do not need any refurbishments. The latter is better for buildings that require renovations. Depending on whether refurbishment is planned, the type of survey you choose depends on what kind of work you’re doing.

Why is it important that a survey be conducted?

While asbestos is no more used in new construction, it is still found in many older buildings. It is important that you know the exact location and amount of asbestos in your home before you do any renovations.

This is because asbestos can prove to be very dangerous. Asbestos can cause lung cancer if you inhale it. If you attempt to do DIY on your own or hire an asbestos roofing contractor to fix it, you may get sick.

Asbestos is rarely dangerous unless it is damaged or exposed. However, if asbestos is detected on your wall or roof you should consult a specialist before taking any action.

How to Choose an Industrial Roofing Surveyor

When you hire a surveyor for an asbestos survey, make sure they have the necessary skills and qualifications. The first thing you should do is look for certification. Additionally, you want a skilled surveyor who is experienced in conducting surveys. They should be aware of the potential risks involved and have received appropriate training. Sometimes it may be possible to arrange an asbestos survey through the company you have hired for your roof repair.